Guitar poem

I have posted to the classical guitar group (RMCG) for a few years. I posted a poem and got these reactions:

“On a positive note – nice poem. It’s freaking whacked man! :-)”
— dsi1

“I would rather watch TV than read your poetry.”
— Tashi

“Wow, Larry. You didin’t write that did you? If you did you must have been on acid, or at least eaten some rye bread past its due date.”
— Wollybird

Here’s the poem:

There once was a man and guitar
who together walked into a bar
demanding a drink
in perfect sync
they looked and sounded bizarre

The man was wearing a hat
the guitar was holding a cat
as if not enough
with a great puff
the man turned into a bat

The bat began to sing
in a horrible piercing ring
so high and clear
it shattered the ear
of all within range of the thing

The guitar twanged chords for the song
the cat started wailing along
a trio from hell
that nothing could quell
going on and on way too long

The cat scratched a rhythm in three
adding in one beat just for free
then in a flash
there came the crash
of the guitar on the bartender’s knee

The bar was dumb struck with shock
all silent except for a clock
which right at that time
started to chime
with an ominous knock, knock, knock

The end of this story is near
the guitar had nothing to fear
in the blink of an eye
becoming a fly
it flew up as the bar gave a cheer

The magic was almost complete
the trick of the night was quite neat
fly, bat and cat
dove into the hat
without even losing a beat

The hat twirled around on the ground
then POP! disappeared as a sound
way off in the night
too high and too bright
turned heads to find nothing was found

The moral of this little tale
is that you will never fail
if you can change
and rearrange
the meaning behind this musical vail

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