Frightening Nursing Home Abuse Trends


It’s very alarming, but abuse is a prevalent trend in our society. From sexual abuse to spousal abuse and everything in between, countless victims have experienced traumatic exploitation and manipulation. Despite its prevalence, nursing home abuse is not one of the forms of abuse commonly discussed. Nursing home abuse is also called “elder abuse,” and it impacts about 10 percent of seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It is a common trend that more and more Tampa personal injury attorneys are representing victims as a result.

The Framework of Nursing Home Abuse

Most people couldn’t imagine purposefully hurting or neglecting a senior citizen relying on others for his food, medication, and overall wellbeing, but this trend occurs in nursing homes across the country. Many facilities receive government funding through programs like Medicaid, and they can maintain more of that money for profits if they cut back on the care provided to seniors. This leads to poorly trained employees, understaffing issues, high turnover rates, and outdated technology. The result is dangerous abuse that occurs in a variety of ways.

Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

Elder abuse falls into many different categories, but the general definition is “the willful infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation, or punishment with resulting physical harm, pain, or mental anguish.”

Physical, emotional, financial, sexual, and gross neglect abuse are all identified forms of abuse against seniors in long term care facilities, but sexual and financial are rare. Physical abuse, on the other hand, is shockingly common. It can include acts of violence like hitting and kicking, inappropriate use of drugs and physical constraints, or even force feeding.

Gross neglect is also especially prevalent in nursing homes that do not properly enforce protocols or punish employees for ignoring their duties.  It occurs when staff members do not take appropriate care of seniors and fail to feed, clean, clothe, and shelter them as needed. This can result in malnutrition, filthy living conditions, bed sores, and untreated health problems. Gross neglect is a huge issue because the elderly rely upon certain medications and treatments to remain healthy, and if those health conditions are not prioritized, it can result in death.  

If you have a loved one in a nursing home right now, watch for suspicious behavior. Common signs of abuse include sudden depressive behavior from your loved one, injuries or sores that seem to linger, and the caregiver’s refusal to let you visit with your loved one alone. A tampa criminal defense lawyer can help you determine your best courses of legal action.

The Importance of a Personal Injury Attorney

lawsuitWhen you are injured due to another person’s actions or negligence, recovering from the physical and emotional trauma is just the beginning. You may find yourself overwhelmed by mounting expenses and unable to pay them due to lost wages and injuries after your accident, and you will probably feel stressed by the many calls required to insurance companies, law enforcement, and bill collectors. Personal injury attorneys in Bellingham, Washington make their living helping personal injury victims navigate their way through the overwhelming complications involved in an injury situation.

Your Attorney Represents Only You. It’s commonly known that insurance companies have their own interests in mind. They want to settle your injury case for the least amount of money possible. But when you hire a personal injury attorney, you have a professional dedicated to helping you receive maximum compensation.

Your Attorney Understands the Complexities. Personal injury cases are riddled with intricacies, but your lawyer has the experience to navigate the murky waters of the law. Most importantly, a personal injury attorney can assess the true value of your injuries based on pain intensity, length of recovery period, lasting effects, required treatment, and information provided by doctors. In addition, a lawyer knows how to properly determine liability so the correct people or entities are responsible for your compensation.

Your Attorney Takes on the Big Guy. Most personal injury cases are compromised by insurance companies who discourage the deserved settlement for the injured party, usually when a Bellingham auto accident law firm represents the victim. Without an attorney, you are more likely to accept the settlement offered even if it isn’t enough to cover all of your expenses. With a personal injury attorney at your side, an insurance company is less likely to rip you off because they know your lawyer is willing to take the case to court if needed.

The law is never clear or easy, and hiring a personal injury attorney when you have been hurt at someone else’s fault is the best way to ensure you are compensated fairly.